MOPS Craft: Paper Plate Pig

Melody loves the MOPPETS program (childcare program) at MOPS. They do a craft that goes along with the lesson each time. It is a great way for the kids to remember what the story was about.

This week in MOPPETS, Melody learned about the prodigal son. They made paper plate pig heads. There is a photocopy of the story on the back where the kids can clap when they hear the word ‘happy’ or say ‘Oink Oink’ when they head the word ‘sad’.


  • Pink plate (or do some artwork on a white plate)
  • Pink paper (for pig head and ears)
  • White paper (for eyes)
  • Glue

Already prepared: all the pieces (eyes, ears, head) were cut out (I think this is to speed up the process since time is limited for the program, but some kids will be fine cutting these out by themselves.)

  1. Glue head on plate.
  2. Glue eyes on head.
  3. Glue/tape ears at the top.
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