Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter K

~ Melody is 3 years and 9 months old ~
~ Emily is 18 months 3 weeks old ~

preschool cornerTot School

Not too many photos since my camera is still broken, and not getting fixed anytime soon. We still had Thanksgiving on the brain, but got back to business. The sickness is mostly gone, but cough and runny noses still lingering around. =( We went to the libraries this week. Yes, we always go to more than one library a week. =p All the libraries around here are all so different from one another, so there’s lots of activities for the kiddos to do. We’ve gotten into the baking mood and try to bake something each week. This week we made some monkey bread. Yummy!


Coloring Page – She wanted to use the dotters.

Cut and Tape Verse



Cut and Paste

Counting – In the 2nd photo you can see that Melody put the bows in order of her favorite color. =p


LETTER K PowerPoint – We didn’t have too many (actually not at all) photos for this one.


More dotting fun! – They wanted to dot all week long.


Eating ribs – After every bite, she says, “Yum-my!”

Monkey Bread


Calcium – Drinking milk after naptime.

Tea Party – Not sure why the party is on the couch. =p


Even more dot stampling

Using the Spoon – Now that her appetite is back, she has been eating up a storm, and she knows how to use the spoon too! I think she gets about 80% of the food into her mouth. =p

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