Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter A

~ Melody is 3 years and 9 months old ~
~ Emily is 18 months old ~

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Remember the bad week we had last week? Well, it happened again. Another broken camera, and Emily and I are sick. Then, today (Thursday), Emily crashed and did a face plant into a little box we have. Now she has a busted lip. What a way to end another week….*sigh*

So, since we had one recovering sickie and 2 additional sickies, we opted to stay home most of the week. Okay, it was the whole week. I’m pretty sure I know how Melody got sick, and I don’t want it to be our fault if others get sick because of us. People just need to learn how to keep sick children at home, or themselves if they are sick. Having worked in a child care center, I have lots of stories to tell about parents whose meetings were more important than picking up their vomiting and feverish child. Enough venting. It was a pretty good week school-wise.

Oh, and excuse the pajamas…especially when they don’t match. Somehow, it also ended up as a week that a lot of food got splattered on their clothes too. It was that kind of week. =\


Reader – She really likes to do this part of RRSP and will pick it up to do even when we’re not doing school.

Getting Ready

A is for…


Letter A Doodle – We got a bunch of hand-me-down stuff from my cousin’s daughter, and this was one of them. She wrote the Aa on there by herself without any prompting from me.

Coloring Page

Cut and Paste

Do a Dot Stickers – Melody wanted to use the turkey stickers for the dots.

Body Shape A – These girls thought this was the funniest thing to do.

Roll an Ant

Drawing Ants – Can you tell which one is mine and which is Melody’s? =p She drew the eyes on the body and realized that the legs don’t come out of the head, so she made it a polka dotted ant!!

LETTER A PowerPoint – Melody takes photos of items starting with the letter A and makes a PowerPoint slideshow with them. It was too funny because it happened that we had some ants in our house as we were working on the letter A!


Watercolor Painting

Turkey Craft – From A Mommy’s Adventures

Fishing for Letters

Untitled – Not sure what to call this, but they stuck a wrapping paper roll into one of those shape containers and started putting plastic popsicle sticks into the tube. =p


Running – Even though we were cooped up, it didn’t stop the girls from having fun. They were sick but still had energy to run all over.

Compassion child sponsorship – Melody drew a photo for our sponsored child Solissa. She drew the picture and wrote the names. I drew the heart and flower. =)

Movie Night – Since I was pretty much out of it and hubby had a worship committee meeting on Wednesday night, we had movie night. We watched Finding Nemo until the ‘shark party’ part. Then we switched to something a little more friendly – Elmo…although Mr. Noodle is a bit creepy at times. Is this how we look when we watch TV? Well, we don’t actually have a TV, so they were watching the laptop. =p

Birds – A few weeks ago, there were TONS of birds on the line, and then all of a sudden they took flight and made the hugest flying V that I have ever seen in my life. They didn’t do it this time, but the girls were interested in watching the birds.

Ants on a Log – She made these with Daddy. Yum!


Fishing for Letters

Light – We have a star tap light, and Emily tap it on and put it under her pajama shirt. She was amused by it.

Scribbles – When she hears the word ‘school’, Emily runs as fast as her little legs can take her to the school table.

Art Easel – We moved a few things around this week, and Emily felt like everything was new!!

Do a Dot Art – Big Sis was kind enough to give Little Sis the letter do a dot to work on this week.

Workstation – Now the little table is next to the big one so that Emily can have a little workstation too.

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