Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Y

~ Melody is 3 years and 8 months old ~
~ Emily is 17 months 2 weeks old ~

preschool corner

It was a bit of a frustrating week. It started out on a bad note since I did not feel well Sunday morning. I was just drained and feeling weary. That pretty much brought the rest of the week down. Throw a teething toddler into the mix and it’s a recipe for disaster. We got through it though. And next week is a new week.


The Board – I change the board up at night, and Melody is always excited to see what we will be working on for the week when she wakes up.

Reading the Verse – She was so proud of herself for knowing half the words in this verse already!

Reader – I got a breast cancer awareness keychain from the MOPS meeting and Melody used it as a pointer in reading the words. =p

Big Letters

Coloring Page – After the powerpoint, I think the coloring page is Melody’s 2nd favorite thing to do.

Key Cards

Cutting the Verse – She was not feelin me taking photos of her and was making faces. =p

Practicing Y – Even though Melody has known how to write Y for a long time since it’s in her name, she has been writing it as a “goal post”. It was a little frustrating for her to do the slanted lines.


Making the Letter Y with our Body

Lacing Yarn – She’s getting the hang of it, but still forgets to go back through the same side.

How Many?

Do a Dot

Salt Letter – We did a new thing. I put some salt in a little box and Melody got to write different letters in it. Or draw smiley faces. Or make little dots. Or whatever she wanted.

Sign Language – Like I said, she didn’t like the photos this week. But she was just kidding. =p

Y is for Yak


Yawning – Melody wanted to do “Yawn” for her slideshow, so here’s everyone yawning.

Calendar – Spelling out “October”

Colors and Shapes Workbook – This girl loves workbooks. What can I say?

Tutus before Bedtime – As you notice, Emily was a little busy checking her email on her smartphone to dance. =p

Cheese – I guess it wasn’t that bad of a week.


Melody did her Powerpoint slideshow with Daddy again. LETTERY


Easel – Continues to be a favorite activity for Tot.

Riding – Indoors due to some recent rain.

Sisters – Emily loves to sit on her sister’s lap.

Coloring – She makes back and forth strokes. This was a coloring page from Stay and Play after the storytime at the library.

Salt Box – Emily enjoyed touching the salt and rubbing it between her fingers.

Fall Pasta – I also made this little sensory bucket. I put some fall leaves and flower, and a golden coin and old acini de pepe pasta. This is a supervised activity! =p The girls loved to hide the coin at the bottom and find it.

Wake Up! – I totally crashed at naptime with Emily when my in-laws were over (someone had to watch Melody =p hehe), and I snapped some shots when we woke up.

NOT CAPTURED in the photos

*DVD: Signing Time Box of Crayons DVD: Words learned – Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Color, Crayons, Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Black, Brown, Gold, Silver.
*Book: Red Leaf Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert
*Song: Seeds of Faith (Vol. 2) Song #5
*Chinese: Colors, Body Parts, Articles of Clothing
*We didn’t get around to bake the apple pie but we will make apple dumplings today!

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3 Responses to Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter Y

  1. KJ says:

    We’re doing RRSP too! We are just finishing up our 2nd week…but we love it! Looks like ya’ll had a great week! I’m coming from the Homeschool Creations link up.

  2. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I love all the ways she learned to show “Y”.

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