Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter V

~ Melody is 3 years and 8 months old ~
~ Emily is 17 months 1 week old ~

preschool corner

I think we are all recovered from fever, bloody noses, and teething, but we’re trying to get back to a routine, and still feeling drained and achy. =( We did enjoy a beautiful day at the pumpkin patch on Saturday. And had a great visit with my grandma (who is 104 years old!!) on Sunday.


Powerpoint – Her favorite part of the slideshow is the review at the end. She is so proud of herself for remembering all of the Bible verses.

Getting Ready for V – It is taking Melody some time to get used to writing the letters with the slanted lines.

Practice Writing V – She still has a ways to go with this. She can trace the letters just fine, but needs to work on writing it on her own.

Cutting the Verse – Melody is starting to understand how to put the pieces in order by “reading” the words. And of course, she wanted to measure herself with the verse just like Krash from 1+1+1=1 does. =p

Coloring Page – Choosing her colors and showing them to me.


Valentine Hearts Matching – At first Melody wanted to take turns like a memory game, but then she was so excited to make a match, so she ended up matching all except one.

Cutting Practice

Cut and Paste Valentine – She is getting the hang of cutting curved lines.

Size Sort – I need to replace this activity soon because she does it as soon as I hand it over to her.

V is for Vegetables


USA – She started on this before I even got to the table. She did the connect the dots.


Sign Language – Not sure what she will do with her sign language skills, but she loves learning it!!

Stamping – We used leaves stamps for Autumn and she had a blast with the small change. =p

Drawing Veggies – Can you guess what’s what? And who drew what? =p



Visiting Great-Grandma – Melody was showing Great-Grandma photos on the laptop.

Melody did a Powerpoint slideshow with Daddy. She is learning more about using the macro mode on the camera to take photos of things up close. LETTERV


Sidewalk Chalk – My dad was outside and the girls wanted to go out before their naps. They ended up doing sidewalk chalk.

Watering the Plants


Reading with Yee-Yee

Riding a Bike – She is having a love/hate relationship with the first bike right now because she wants to ride it but her legs can’t reach.

Before and After Nap – Sidewalk chalk outside. Drinking milk.




Super Slide – I am so proud of Melody for doing this!! If you know her, she is pretty much a wuss even going on the swing at the park. I can’t believe she did it!! And she wanted to go on it again.

Photo Ops – Close to lunchtime/naptime so they were pooped and didn’t really want to take pics.

We’ve been reading lots of books about pumpkins to prepare for our trip to the Patch. Here are some favorites: Pumpkin Circle, The Pumpkin Patch, and The Pumpkin Book.


These sisters seriously love love love each other. They have their moments of course, but I hope they will be each other’s best friends as they grow up together. Emily has been doing this thing lately where she’ll walk up to Melody and just plop herself down in Melody’s lap. The girls reading together before bedtime is the sweetest thing.

NOT CAPTURED in the photos

*DVD: Signing Time Box of Crayons DVD: Words learned – Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Color, Crayons, Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Black, Brown, Gold, Silver.
*Book: Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert
*Song: Hillsong Kids – One Way
*Chinese: Colors, Body Parts, Articles of Clothing
*Exercise Time: She practices some stuff that she learns from her pre-ballet and acrobatics class while I started my fitness program. =p
*Hoping to bake an apple pie with apples my mom got from her work union this weekend! =)

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