Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter X

~ Melody is 3 years and 8 months old ~

~ Emily is 17 months old ~

preschool corner

It has been a rough couple of days because the little one had a fever, and the sleepless nights made me so tired. We did the best we could with school. We don’t have photos of it, but Melody’s favorite thing this week was reorganizing her room a bit. There had been stuff in some of her toy bins that have been in there since we moved here 2 years ago. =\ I think everyone is recovered/ing so this weekend we’re off to the Pumpkin Patch and also celebrating my parents’ 35th anniversary, my sister and brother’s birthdays!


The board – I really should take the board photos from a different position to reduce glare. =p

Getting Ready for X -This is the first of the letter using slanted lines.

Practice Writing X – She has no problem tracing the letters, but if you ask her to write it, she won’t do it. I did draw 4 dots and she was able to connect them. We’ll be working on this more.

Cutting the Verse – I have been teaching Melody to try to “read” the words from the verse instead of straight memorization because she kept swapping 2 words from the verse, but she follows along with the words, she get the words in the correct order.


Xylophone Color by Numbers – I think this is one of Melody’s new favorite activities to do.

X and Xylophone Do a Dot Art – This will remain a favorite for awhile longer. =) Love the dotters.

Lacing – I will have to remember to do a better job preparing this one so that it is easier for her to lace, but she has improved a great deal.

Xylophone Cut and Paste – I forgot what I was doing, but I went away for a minute after giving her instructions to cut the xylophone keys out. She said, “I finished Mommy.” I told her I would be right there to tell her what’s next, but she said, “I don’t need instructions. I can do it.” And she was right! She got it without me telling her. =p hehe

Cutting – This is definitely not Melody’s favorite thing to do, and previously, she would try to put off doing it, but this time around, she just picked up the sheet and started cutting. And it looks like she is able to cut pretty close to the dotted lines than before. =) Hurray!

X is for Xray


Colors & Shapes




We haven’t done the PowerPoint yet.


There aren’t even any photos of us doing life because if there were, it would be a photo of me carrying the little one around for a big chunk of the day. Poor girl was just not feelin it this week. Good bye fever! You’re not welcomed here.


Pretend Cooking – We have a cabinet in the kitchen with pretend cookware and other plastic containers that the girls use for pretend cooking. I think Tot was making a drink for us.

Reading – Our favorite activity around here!!!

NOT CAPTURED in the photos

*DVD: Signing Time Welcome to School DVD again: Words learned – Crayons, Scissors, Paper, Glue, Pen, Pencil, Table, Chair, Backpack, School, Line Up, Pay Attention, Learn, Remember, Smart, Principal, Teacher, Class, Student, Name, World, Numbers, Count, Draw, Paint, Read, Quiet, Rest

*Book: Jessica’s X-ray by Pat Zonta (very cool book with actual x-rays in the pages)

*Song: Jesus Loves The Little Children

*Chinese: Colors and Body Parts

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