Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Review

~ Melody is 3 years and 7 months old ~
~ Emily is 16 months old 3 week old ~

preschool corner

Another birthday party down, a few more parties to go. Melody chickened out on the inflatable slide again. She went on the last party we went to at Superfranks, but didn’t want to go this time at Pump It Up.

We did review all week. Melody kept asking to do letter X which is next, but I told her, she was the one who wanted to do the review. She was a bit more happy when she found out there was a checklist of items to do for review. She really liked crossing off the items as we completed them. Next time I’ll remember that to make it a shorter review. =p

We may be planning a “Open House” of sorts for the family because she wants to show them what she’s been learning.


States – United States coloring pages of states she can locate. We actually haven’t learned some of the ones she colored but she knows where they are.

___ Starts With __

Sign Language – Signing crayons.


Stamping – My sister gave Melody some old rubber stamps that she found while cleaning up.

Pretend Play – I went to start dinner and came back to this. Melody got up and told Emily, “Now you can be the driver, Emi.”


World Communion Sunday – The girls wore their Chinese shirts to church.

Sweeping – Remember when my dad came to trim the trees? Well, I guess he got tired of the weeds in the front of our house too.

Setting the Table – One of the many reasons why I love this girl. =p

French Braid – This has nothing to do with anything, but I was proud of myself for remembering how to do French braid. =p I used to only successfully do it on myself.


Melody having a snack of apples with Nutella and watching Signing Time Welcome to School. Words learned: Crayons – Scissors – Paper – Glue – Pen – Pencil – Table – Chair – Backpack – School – Line Up – Pay attention – Learn – Smart – Student – Name – Draw – Paint – Read – Rest


Trash – We have 3 trucks to come pick up our bins: garbage, recyclables, and compostables, so it’s always fun to look out the window on Tuesdays.

Snack – Eating apples stripes and watching a DVD.

Connect Four

Baby Smash

Meal Time – She is really into doing whatever the big kids or adults are doing, so she is sitting at the table instead of using the high chair tray.

– I love them. A lot.

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One Response to Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Review

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Your girls are ADORABLE!! I loved the photo shot of the squirrel cooling off. Please feel free to use any ideas posted … I just ask that you post the link where you found them. I will be posting more “All About Me” ideas soon, so please stop by again. I am hoping to have more time to check out your blog too. It has been crazy busy around here. Thank you for the link to your blog.
    Tracey at Tot Play

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