Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter E

~ Melody is 3 years and 7 months old ~
~ Emily is 16 months old 2 week old ~

preschool corner

Ended last week with the first of many 4th birthday parties to come. It was a blast, and then we got to business on Monday. =p Melody is still asking to do school every morning. Now that we have a routine set, she knows what to do for some of the repeating activities without me having to give directions if Tot is needing a diaper change, etc.


The board

Letter E Powerpoint Slideshow – Her favorite part of the Powerpoint is the review at the end of all the stuff that she’s learned already.

Tracing Big Ee – I started doing a Letter of the Week thing with her before, but didn’t continue, and E was one of the letters she learned already since it is in her name.

Coloring – I am loving that Melody is using more color now. Maybe even 2 months ago, she would just pick one color (usually pink or purple) and color all the different things on the page that one color. Now she is using more colors! Hooray!

Easy Reader – At the beginning of the week, Melody is always hesitant to do the easy reader because she doesn’t like it when she doesn’t know the “answer” to things. By the end of the week, once she’s learned to “read” the pages, she loves it!

Song: Every Move I Make – We found a video online for motions for the song.


Elephant Color by Numbers – This is Melody’s first time doing Color by Numbers. I thought I would have to explain it to her more, but we found the colors that we needed to use. Then, she went right to it.

Elephant Cut and Paste – She is getting better at cut, but still wants me to cut the smaller pieces or pieces that have more curves and turns. She is also getting better at gluing, but still squeezes out more than she needs most of the time.

Do a Dot Elephant

Eggies – These are all the Easter eggs she’s gotten for the past 2 years from Easter egg hunting with Uncle Aaron. She had a fun time just opening them and closing them…putting smaller eggs into the bigger ones.

Cutting – This is probably one of her least favorite activities because the first few times she did it, she couldn’t cut on the line and she got frustrated. She’s working on it though.

Drawing – I couldn’t find easy step-by-step instructions to drawing an elephant. I remember doing one when I was younger, but can’t find where I got that from. She gave up drawing the elephants after the 2nd time (not bad for a 3-year-old though), and decided to draw a self-portrait of herself after waking up from nap…that’s why her hair is in her face in the drawing. =p But do you like my elephant drawings? hehe

E is for Elephant – E is always for elephant. When is it not for elephant? =p


Colors & Shapes


Playing on the keyboard


Here is the Powerpoint Show Melody and Daddy put together with the photos Melody took of E things. LETTERE


Washing Tomatoes

Stay and Play at the Library – I did the Thomas puzzle. It was really hard. I was proud of myself. =p

E is for Envelope – She wanted to write a letter to Daddy and YeeYee (auntie (mom’s younger sister) in Chinese) and put them in envelopes. One said, “I mail it to Daddy” and the other “I mail it to YeeYee”.

Animals – A squirrel was keeping cool right outside our front door. Lots of blackbirds hanging out in our backyard.

Making Baked Peaches with Daddy

At the Library’s Children’s Area


Snack Time – She goes right for this table after I hand her the snack and her milk. Look at the concentration on the face. =p She just had a bath. hehe Another snack time, she was sitting in the wagon, so I just gave her the Jr. Dipper, and she went to work, putting every cracker stick in the cheese before finishing each one.

Reading – This is one of her favorite places to hang out…our little book nook.

Puzzles – She doesn’t really know how to do these puzzles yet, but she likes to pull all of the boards out. I think she’d put them back on the rack if it was easier to put back in.

Do a Dot Art – She insisted on finishing up Big Sis’ dotting.

Stay and Play At the Library – She pulled this colors puzzles from the cart, but she wasn’t that interested in playing with them.

Art Easel – She’s been really interested in the art easel lately. She was really focused on trying to put the cap back on the marker. She even knew which end to put it in and tried to turn it to the right end.

Playing with Dora – She was pretending that Dora was her baby.

At the Library after Storytime

NOT CAPTURED in the photos
*DVD: Signing Time My Favorite Season DVD: Words learned – Seasons, Weather, Favorite, Summer, Hot, Autumn, Cool, Winter/Cold, Spring, Warm, Year
*Book: God Loves Us, Little One
*Song: Every Move I Make

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2 Responses to Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter E

  1. Katie says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I really love your daughters art work, her drawing was awesome. We are still in the one color stage you spoke of, and I am looking forward to more colorful pictures myself.

  2. Sela says:

    I just found you through the RRSP linky. Looks like we’re doing just about the same things!! I just finished posting about our E week, which we finished two weeks ago0. I haven’t posted my tot’s activities in a little while, that’s my next goal ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a 3 yr 10 month daughter and a 16 month son, although your little is doing way more than my thick-headed boy (I mean that in the fondest terms) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’d love for you to stop by sometime, and I’ll be back I’m sure!

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