Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter F

~ Melody is 3 years and 7 months old ~
~ Emily is 16 months old 1 week old ~

preschool corner

Another whirlwind of a weekend. Melody’s 1st dance class and our first trip to the zoo.


The board – I didn’t capture too many RRSP moments this week. Must have been too into it. =p Melody really likes reading My ABC Bible Verses story. And she will always asks what we will be learning about next week.

Letter F Powerpoint Slideshow

Tracing Fs



Fish Coloring Page

Fish Cut and Paste

Measuring Fish – First we used a ruler, then we used our little clothespins, and then I finally read the directions. And we used goldfishies! The girls loved that.

Do a Dot F

Prewriting – From the 1st week to now, she has improved a lot in tracing right on the lines. The corners of the squares used to be round but now they are more 90 degrees.

Graphing Fish – This is her first time doing graphing. At first she didn’t get it.

Getting Ready – I was surprised at how fast she got this one. The curve on the lowercase f is a little tricky for her.

Fish Size Sort – You can see in the photo that she swapped the last few sizes again.

Drawing – I’m not the best artist, so you may not be able to tell which fish are hers and which ones are mine.

F is for Fox


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Alphabet – Not sure if you can see, but this is her very first time writing the letter F and she got it….the uppercase anyhow.

Starfall – She is a pro at navigating this website. I think she’s done all of the easier activities on here. This one is about recycling different materials.

Beginning Sequencing – She wasn’t very excited about doing this one on this day. But once she got the order, she was very proud of herself.

Watercolor – Melody hasn’t done watercolor in a long time, so we brought out our paintbrush and got to work.


Here is the Powerpoint Show Melody and Daddy put together with the photos Melody took of F things. LETTER F


Checking the ads for sales – She is starting to understand prices, and she read the word FREE! That’s my girl!

Cleaning the chairs

Coloring at the library – The CV library had a lady come in to talk about dog safety and how we should approach them. The SL Manor Branch theme this week was C is for Cow, and the craft was a cow puppet.

Picking veggiesWe My dad picked 19 tomatoes and 6 chayote squash this week! The girls put them in the bucket to wash.

Dance Class – And the play structure waiting for Daddy to pick us up…he took the Tot grocery shopping.


I should just really start a blog for Emily because it seems like there’s just as many photos of her on here. =p

What happens when I have the camera in my hand? She basically comes and attacks me. Surprisingly, she is starting to know how to use some of the functions on my camera.

Coloring – A page with animals we saw at the zoo.

From Head to Toe by Eric Carle – Seal clapping, buffalo shoulder raising, elephant feet stomping

Dressing Up

Time with Gung-Gung

Tambourine Time

Blocks at the library – Stacking and knocking down

Lost a Shoe – She loves wearing these sandals but she doesn’t quite fit them yet, so one of them always falls off.

Watering the plants

“I Want To Do School Too!” – Whenever I start school with Melody, this is what happens. Emily comes right up to the table and makes me pick her up so she can see what’s going on. That’s why we switched to the big table, or else she would just climb onto the kid table to get in on the action.

Color Wonder

NOT CAPTURED in the photos
*Learned about Florida
* Movements: fly like a fairy, fight a fire, float like a leaf falling
*Counting in Chinese: garden flowers
*DVD: Signing Time My Favorite Season DVD: Words learned – Seasons, Weather, Favorite, Summer, Hot, Autumn, Cool, Winter/Cold, Spring, Warm, Year
*Book: Fairy Numbers
*Song: John 3:16 from Seeds Family Worship

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