Raising Rock Stars Preschool ~ Letter H

~ Melody is 3 years and 7 months old ~
~ Emily is 15 months and 3 weeks old ~

Because it was Labor Day this week, Melody got to do some of school with Daddy on Monday.


The setup

Reading My ABC Bible Verses

Letter H Powerpoint Slideshow

Coloring the Picture for the Verse – she is starting to use different colors on her coloring pages



Coloring Page

Hippo Lacing – Melody likes doing the lacing but she forgets to pull the string all the way through and sometimes get frustrated by this. Usually half way through, she’ll tell me to finish it.

Hippo Size Sort – She does really well with the smaller ones, but always mixes up 2 of them with the bigger ones.

Do a Dot H

Hippo Number Clips – This is her first time doing these clips. I gave her instructions and then went to give Emily a snack. When I came back, she completed them without any problems.

H is for House


Colors & Shapes Workbook

Melody’s Number Game – I put out the foam number tiles, and this is what Melody did with them. She made up her own game. She calls out a number, or have someone call out a number and then jump to the number. I accidentally put out the “I” as “1”, so she used it to make a “10” with the “0”.

Music with Daddy


Signing Time ABC Signs DVD – After watching the DVD a few times, Melody usually remembers about half of the signs. (Emily only sat for a few minutes and then wanted to do her own thing.)

Hunt for “H” Items for Powerpoint Slideshow – One of Melody’s favorite things is taking photos. We’ll have to buy her her own one day.

Here is the Powerpoint Show we put together with the photos Melody took of H things. She took the SD card out of the camera and put it in the slot on the laptop. I uploaded them into a PowerPoint show. I did the title slide, and she typed out all the words as I told her the spelling for each one. LETTERH


Peeling Zuchinni – I can’t wait until she’s old enough to handle a knife, then she can cook dinner for us. =p

Picking Veggies from the Yard – We are getting tons of chayote squashes this year!

Watering the Plants – If it wasn’t for Melody, I would never go out to water the plants. It’s not that I don’t like to garden…I just don’t know how.

Bringing in the Trash/Recycle/Green Bin with Ma-Ma

Folding Her Clothes


Reading her favorite books with Daddy

Little Einsteins and Trucks

Telling me she wants to take a nap!

Snack Time – I gave her her bowl of grapes and she walked straight to the table, pulled out the chair and sat down to eat.

NOT CAPTURED in the photos
*Learned about Hawaii
* Movements: pretend to hammer, hop like a hare, pretend to hike up a hill, hiss like a snake, hug a friend, hula hoop (went to my parents’ to pick up my old hoop), pretend to get stuck in honey
*Counting in Chinese: fingers on 2 sets of hands, houses on our block
*Watched: Handy Manny
*Book: Hippo Goes Bananas
*Song: I Will Obey You

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